Dev-Log #9

Intro/Release Update

Welcome back! We are on the ninth Dev-Log for Codename Allnight. The game will release in 40 days on 2/18/19! Before we get into the actual topic of today’s Dev-Log I have a few updates in terms of purchasing and other release information. To begin, in the last dev-log I mentioned how I was writing a launcher for Codename Allnight that will check for updates and give you the option to update if there is a new one available. In the last few weeks after doing some research I figured out that the site I’m using to publish is going to handle everything and I just need to set up a few things in terms of setting up APIs and other things. So basically, everything as far shipping the game and management once the game is out has now been figured out. As for beta testing, there are four cases that are being tested for which are; story missions, SS gameplay(Boss fights), regular gameplay, and cumulative gameplay, which is all the first three elements all in one game session. For the most part people who are testing for me are testing those four case while I pay close attention to the most basic mechanics such as movement, frame rate issues, and ai tweaking just to name a few. In other words, Allnight is being rigorously tested and fixed as much as possible to guarantee the most quality version ships at release.

Last problem in Alpha(Phase 2)

In the last Dev-Log, it stated the last two problems that kept the game from transitioning from alpha(Phase 2) to beta(Phase 3). The most prevalent problem was saving and loading which, was fixed with tweaking to the equation used for loading previously saved worlds or maps. The second problem was accessing missions. Firstly, the way missions and the story were first intended to function was that missions would spawn when you(the player) explores certain environments. Once a mission was complete a library would generate with a document inside that tells a story that supports the history of the Neo-Colonies. The problem with this was not every environment has a mission available. Also, with the variety of environments that could spawn within a game session there’s no guarantee that you will find every mission needed to complete the first part of the storyline. Before the transition to beta, while testing within 30 minutes of playtime I could find about 5-6 of the missions which, is only a fraction of the missions available. Also, accounting for the time to complete the missions this drags the story gameplay out to an uncomfortable amount of time given the other elements of the game such as it being a platform shooter. The main factors to keep in mind when thinking of a fix to the problem was how to give access to every mission but, still make the storyline optional. In addition, to preserving the randomness of the game and the environments that you can access.

Solution to last problem in Alpha(Phase)

The solution to the problem was a new game function called the Supreme Library which gives access to every mission. The Supreme Library in-game is the library that manages and protects all letters(source of missions). Keeping in mind that the storyline is optional play a few mission must be completed in order for the Supreme Library to generate. Inside the Library are keepers, or Librarians that will check out missions to you(the player). Only three missions can be toggled from the Library at any given point. From my standpoint as a developer, this fix was best because it still keeps the storyline optional by only giving access if the player shows interest in the storyline. Also, keeping the generation function and mechanics in check by only adding in a new case to what can be generated. Whereas the standpoint as a gamer, the time to complete the missions and play the storyline was managed and compliments the rest of the functions present in game. Also, adding a little more background to the Historian Faction as well as new building to be explored and used how you(the player) see fit.


In closing, the Supreme Library was the last fix introduced to alpha(phase 2) in addition to, tweaking the equation used for generation for saving and loading the game was successfully pushed to beta(phase 3). With beta(phase 3) active preparation for launch and management of the game has been researched and started. In addition the Codename Allnight will release in 39 days on 2/18/19. Thank you for tuning in and sticking with me through all the information talked about today. Are you excited for the release of Allnight? What is something you’re curious about or want to see before release let me know in the comments or reach out on the social media links at the top of the page. See you for the next Dev-Log where I will explain phase 3 and release preparation in more detail.