Dev-Log #8


Merry Christmas eve everyone and thank you for joining me for another Dev-Log of Codename Allnight’s development. Today, I’m going to talk about the transition from alpha(or phase 2) to beta(or phase 3). Also I will talk about release information and the preparation left before release. So let’s get into it.


Until now, the game has been in Alpha stages or what I call phase 2. For most of the month of December, I have been working to transition the game to beta or phase 3. There were two main areas of conflict which were, the saving/loading functions and accessing all missions. The biggest issue with saving/loading was loading the environment, when loading the saved environment or chunks it would generate after the player had already passed the coordinates for the next chunk. After a week or so of tweaking the function that called the loop for creating and placing the next chunk it was finally stabilized. To fix the issue concerning mission access, there was a last minute game function added that has access to all missions and allows for each mission to be accepted from one place. The only requirement is, that the game function must be unlocked by finding and completing two missions. More info and content on the newest game function will be covered in the next Dev-Log. However, with both of these issues fixed Codename Allnight was finally ready for Phase 3(or Beta)! Since this is my first fully developed game from start to finish Beta-Tests will be closed with a limited amount of supporters that will also have access to the Beta-Tests.

Release Information

Before continuing, if you haven’t seen the newest trailer, Codename Allnight releases 2/18/19! With that being said there is a lot of preparation on my side before release. In addition, there is information regarding where to purchase and how to download the game including what platform(s) it will be available for, that I will discuss here and make known on social platforms later this week and further down the line leading to release. Firstly, Codename Allnight will release at $6.99 and it will be available for purchase and download at, a very reliable site that publishes indie games to save developers time and effort from having to worry about payment validation, a secure way to upload and release the files that make up the game and a few other focal points concerning shipping the final product of the game. There will also be a download link added to the homepage that will take you directly to the site just in case. Codename Allnight will only be available on Windows 8 and 10, and more than likely Windows xp after stability is tested on the platform. Unfortunately, the Mac port of the game will not be shipping with the Windows port at the time of release. The Mac port requires an entire overhaul of the generation function(one of the most important functions in game) which, won’t be finished in time for the release date. I will keep everyone posted on the status of porting to Mac and other platforms in the future.

Release Preparation

For preparation, as mentioned earlier beta-testing will be a closed beta and during the last few days of December and the first two-three weeks of January. After, all bugs that were caught during testing will be fixed and tested for the remaining days leading to release. Alongside beta testing, I will be developing a launcher to accompany the final version of Codename Allnight. The launcher will be responsible for, of course launching the game, but also will give the option to check for updates, which will require internet access. The purpose is to make it easier to play without having to connect the internet every time the game is started or when there is an update available. One of the final steps will be getting the download page all set-up and uploading the finished product. Finally, after all the preparation is finished it will be time to release the game and your chance to Uncover The Truth will be here.

Thank you for reading another entry in Codename Allnight’s Dev-Log. I hope you tune in again for the next Dev-Log. Happy Holidays and thank you for your support in the development of Codename Allnight.