Dev-Log #7

Developing/Concepting Setting/Theme of AllNight

Hello everyone, thank you for tuning into another Dev-Log for Codename Allnight’s development. Today’s Dev-Log I’m going to talk about the setting and theme of Allnight. To begin, the setting is supposed to be a historically twisted present day North America called the Neo-Colonies. Where society should be in chaos borderlining nonexistence. In which, their access to technology is a cross between primitive and cutting edge technology. The theme is intended to support the setting by adding a mysterious feeling as an effect of the twisted past that resulted in the creation Neo-Colonies. When development first began for Allnight there was no setting or theme to the game, it was just a platform shooter. The story that goes with the game was created first. As a result the setting was already pretty much mapped out the only task was bringing the setting to life in game. To bring the setting to life first, the background and foreground was added. Next was making all the npcs and gameplay elements support the setting and establish the theme mentioned earlier.


Laws that govern the Neo-Colonies/Directly affect game-play

The Neo-Colonies run on laws called “New World Rules”. The New World Rules are not regular laws instead, it defines how the citizens within the Neo-Colonies should act. The rules’ creation  were a direct result from the dangerous factions that inhabit the Neo-Colonies with the citizens. Each faction is either the reason for the Rules’ creation or strictly adhere to some or all the rules.


Factions In-game

In game there are 6 factions or groups that make up the Neo-colonies. The first faction is the Sub-Living faction. They consist of two entities, the Human-Nature(Zombie type enemy) and Extreme-Sapiens(Skeleton Enemy). This faction is the sole reason why the chaos in the Neo-Colonies exists however, all regular factions have no idea how they were created or where they came from. The second faction is the Bandits, a violent human faction that has two main types. One bandit type shoots and holds up stores and merchants, the second bandit type takes smaller buildings as “Bandit Strongholds”. They also attack the player but, will only stab also, they will call other bandits if the player is close enough. Their presence inspired some of the New World Rules and the bandits themselves choose to follow none of the rules. The third faction are the Villagers, this faction is more of a neutral faction. The Villagers prefer to stay in groups and settle in houses relatively close in distance. The Villages strongly follow the rule of no communication therefore the only way to interact with them is to use the trade module to show them you will not harm them. They will also go inside at night because of the presence of Human-Nature. Next is the Nomad faction, they will spawn in groups but will eventually separate looking for a place to settle, once found they will “settle” and create a settlement. They technically have no set home and roam the world unarmed. They also believe in the rule regarding communication, meaning the only way to communicate with them is to use the trade module. The fifth faction is the Historians, they are the youngest and 2nd most powerful faction in-game. In addition, the player is apart of this faction. They have the skills to craft and use every console in-game. Their origins and existence are almost a complete mystery to the other factions in-game. The only way to figure out who they are and why they were created is to complete the story. *Spoiler* Their purpose is to get rid of the most powerful faction in-game. Leading to the last faction, called the Secret Society. The Secret Society is the basically the first iteration of the Historians but they were twisted by ill willed leaders, turning them into the main story antagonist. The Secret Society is the most powerful, skilled, and organized faction in-game. They choose to stay a secret from the rest of the Neo-Colonies treating anyone who tries to enter the Society as an enemy and using force to get rid of them. This makes them as dangerous as the Bandits but they are more hidden than the Historians. The goal of the story is to infiltrate the Secret Society and convert it back to its origins.


In-game Items support theme

The items in-game support the setting and help establish the theme. Firstly, there are three main materials in-game Wood, Stone or Rocks, and Iron. Since the advancement of the Neo-Colonies was halted there was no time to officially discover or create other materials that are present IRL. Not every faction has access to all skills and technology available in the Neo-Colonies. In fact, the only factions capable of crafting are the Historians and Secret Society. This adds to the feeling of disorganization and chaos by giving some factions more of an advantage and higher chance to survive. This also indirectly leads the Bandits to steal and loot since they are at an disadvantage, Also all technology is derived from the three materials in game, similar to the primary colors and how they make all other colors. An example would be the Uni-Gun(Only gun in-game), the gun is highly editable using barrels that can be made using the three materials to modify it’s firepower while, the upgrades required the same materials but it gives the Uni-Gun more abilities. None of the technology is supposed to be too advanced rather its supposed to exhibit the advancement of a society with barely any resources to advance in ways history IRL tells.


That’s it for today’s Dev-Log. Thank you all for tuning in and reading another installment. The release date trailer is coming soon since Phase 2 is coming to a close. Have a good one and remember to check back for the next dev-log.  


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