Dev-Log #6

Phase 2 ending/ What is the “3 Phase plan”

Welcome back to another Dev-Log for Codename Allnight’s development. As promised in the last Dev-Log, I’m going to explain the current status and progress of Codename Allnight. Firstly, the development of Codename Allnight is 75%-80% done. This includes building the game as well as testing to get the most stable build possible for release. In one of the first Dev-Logs, I touched on the 3-step development process that I follow for the development of Allnight. The first phase was used to flesh out the entire scope of game and the game elements that would create the foundation of the game. To reduce stress and allow more focus phase 1 does not worry to much about the communication of each game function, focusing more on adding each element and making sure they function properly. Phase 2 is about making sure all game elements already added support each other rather than, make other aspects of the game harder to play. Phase 2 was concepted and integrated into Codename Allnight to deal with all the shortcomings of Phase 1. After Phase 2, Phase 3 will begin. Phase 3 is the last phase and can be one of the quickest of all 3 Phases. Phase 3 is all about testing the game for bugs and deciding if Phase 2 was accomplished correctly. If both go well then the game is ready for release. However, if bugs are present obviously they are corrected but, if Phase 2 was not implemented or done correctly then the entire development process goes back to Phase 2.  


Current Status of Phase 2/Steps involved

Before the start of Phase 2, there were primary beta tests to observe how well each game element communicated and supported each other. In addition, to observe what needed to be added to ensure that Allnight had reached what the scope of the game was.(See Dev-Log#2 for purpose and scope of game) Phase 2 for Allnight had started in August of 2018. Primarily there was only concepting work going on for what features needed to be adcropped-promo-pic-1-draft-2-copy.pngded and tweaked to get the game ready for release. Following the conceptual work, came integrating it into the game which, started around the first week of September. Currently, Phase 2 is coming to and end with all features being fixed and expanded to facilitate the true scope of the game. With that being said, most Dev-Logs cover phase 2 changes and uses that to explain the core game-play element that the fix is about.

Next Steps

With Phase 2 coming to an end, the final step before I end Phase 2 and start Phase 3 is getting a stable build where all major bugs introduced in Phase 2 are taken care of. Once in Phase 3, there will be a closed beta for game-play testing, story mode testing, and testing for bugs as well. In addition, since development is finally calming down I will have more time to cover content on the game so everyone can get as much information before Codenight Allnight releases. At this point there is a build for Windows that is almost stable for testing. Work on the Mac build started last week however, due to some porting issues the Mac build might not be available until after the release of the Windows build.(Sorry to all the Mac users.) Lastly, with phase 2 ending I will be working on the next trailer to tease most game-play elements of Allnight and announce the release date.



That’s it for Dev-Log#6, once again thank you for tuning into another Dev-Log! Stay tuned for more information on Codename Allnight. Also see you next time for another Dev-Log!



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