Dev-Log #5

Happy Thanksgiving!

Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading and thank you for tuning in to another installment of CodeName AllNight’s Dev-Log! Let’s get right into it, today I’ll be discussing controls and different aspects of the UI for Allnight.

Menu information/ Shortcomings(Phase 1)

CodeName Allnight’s gameplay is largely centered around the menus that the player accesses both with the keyboard or by clicking different consoles around the world. The player has access to 6 menus through keyboard shortcuts which are the, Bag, Skills Challenges, Crafting Menu, Inventory and Stats. Each menu when first added, had a seperate keyboard shortcut. This was the biggest shortcoming of the menu system when first implemented in Phase 1 of AllNight’s development. Another drawback to this was the keys would confuse the testers and would conflict with other gameplay elements such as, movement and object interaction. The second part to the UI is the menu or HUD as it is called on instagram posts. The UI shows the player’s current health, armor points, item equipped, amount of item equipped, food points, and an option to eat. The HUD was also where the user accessed the inventory. Before Phase 2 changes, the inventory was similar to a mobile run n gun inventory where, the inventory showed every item type and would either display the item picture or locked when the player had none of the item in their inventory. When the inventory was displayed it would conflict with the visuals of the game. In addition, as more items were added the inventory took more space on the game screen. Phase 2 addresses all of the shortcomings and bugs of the UI implemented in Phase 1.

HUD and Inventory system first introduced to CodeName Allnight.

Phase 2 changes to Menu/ UI

The first change was memory issues with every menu that could be accessed. Initially every menu was only hidden on the gameplay screen were made visible when accessed. As a result start up of the game was dramatically slower with each menu added. To address this problem every menu was moved and only created when called, so the information wouldn’t be needed at the start of the game. The next change was the “Menu Binder” which, takes every menu the player can access through keyboard shortcuts and displays them with an option to access each one in one menu that only needs one key to access. The menu binder addresses the problem of too many keys for menu shortcuts. Now, it’s optional to use the keyboard shortcuts to access the menus while the Menu Binder gives the easiest way to access all menus. To fix the inventory portion of the UI the inventory was moved to an its own menu. With the option to equip items and move items from the inventory to the bag and vice versa. As a result equipping items is much easier. The first reason is now you can see the amount of the item you have before you equip it. Secondly, The menu allows higher organization so now only items that are currently being used or are really important can be put in the inventory. The final change was to the HUD. The change implements a cleaner HUD that easily shows character information including the type of armor the player has equipped. The main reason the HUD was changed was to facilitate the rest of the UI changes made. Below are screenshots of the Updated HUD and new Menu Binder.



Thanks For Reading!

That’s it for this entry of Allnight’s Dev-Log. Thank you for reading and supporting CodeName AllNight’s development. Major information of the status of Development in the next Dev-Log so stay tuned. Happy Thanksgiving! =)


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