Dev-Log #4

Introduction to Resources

Welcome back to another Codename Allnight Dev-Log! Today I’m  going to talk about resources in Allnight. Resources are essential to the player’s progression and survival in Allnight. They are used to make all the housecubes, most weapons, armor and other items in- game. There are three primary resources found in Allnight which are wood, stone, and iron. The most common way to obtain the resources or materials as they are called in-game is to collect them from trees and rocks. With looting, you can find boxes of materials in some houses. Be careful, when you die you lose all materials and possessions in your bag.

Resources and their Shortcomings

Before Phase 2, resources were pretty finite only getting most from trees and rocks found in game. The biggest factor to the resources being finite is that the unless new generation is attempted the trees and rocks will not spawn or grow back from where they were cut. The only environment that constantly re-spawns rocks for the player is the cave. However, there was still no way for trees to regenerate. In addition, the only way to prosper was to settle next to the cave environment and hope for the best or just keep exploring. However, that conflicts with the flexibility that Allnight’s play-ability is supposed to have.  

Phase 2 Changes to Resources

With Phase 2, two items were introduced to deal with the shortcomings of the generation logic that runs Allnight. The first is a new item called “Growboxes”. Growboxes allow for the player to plant seeds that can grow into fruit trees or trees that produce wood. This adds the possibility of unlimited trees in-game which results in unlimited wood if farmed well enough. The second is apart of the NPC change but focuses on adding more renew-ability to stone and iron. The item is called a “Material Gatherer”, using wood for fuel it “extracts ” stone and iron from the ground. Thus creating a passive way to gather all three primary resources while, being able to play any way you want. Below there is a quick screenshot of the Material Gatherer sprite.



Thank you for joining me for another Dev-Log. Your continued support is what makes Allnight’s Development possible. Lastly, stay tuned in a few Dev-logs I will be announcing the official release date for Allnight.


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