Dev-Log #3

Goal for World of AllNight(Start of development)

When Allnight was initially started it was supposed to only be a run-n-gun. More specifically, it was only supposed to be capable of killing enemies and upgrading firepower. After the decision was made to develop Allnight for release it was obvious that the game-play and the world needed to be expanded. The new goal for the world of AllNight was an immersive 2d world with a history that impacted the world the user plays in. One of the initial changes was the story. The story was made with the intent to explain the state of AllNight, and provide organization to developing AllNight’s world. The story mode explains the skeleton entities called, Extreme-Sapiens, and the zombie type entity called, “Human-Nature”. Also, the story was used to create the hidden faction, the Secret Society. After the first round of testing, it was decided that AllNight wasn’t ready because it failed to meet the scope of how it was envisioned.

World Expansion for Phase 2

Rather than trash the project, which was completely out of the question we pushed back development of AllNight. Which, led to the implementation of the 3 phase plan. Phase 2, includes running through the world and how the player interacts with the world with a fine-tooth comb.(See previous Dev-log for Phase 2 information) The first problem with interacting with the world was access to items. The challenge with this was allowing more access to items without defying the logic set in-game. Leading to more in-game events such as, secrets and boss events. Secrets introduces hidden challenges that upon completion give the player higher tier items for material gathering and survival.

The next main focus for world expansion in phase 2 was expanding the current world, giving the player more to do if the story mode isn’t followed. The boss events was the function to help fill this void. With boss events, it introduces powerful enemies and good drops that fit in with the story but, don’t need the story missions to be accessed. A screenshot of the event’s enemies is below. 


The final major focal point of world expansion in Phase 2 is deeper NPC interaction. NPCs were present prior to Phase 2 but they’re interaction was very limited. Also, the player’s faction the Historians had almost no NPCs. In addition, there was no way to really know what the “mission” was or how far the “mission” goes back.. With Phase 2, NPCs were split up into three general groups, commoners, specials, and enemies. Each group has a clear way to identify their class. With the commoners barely having any functions other than trade. The Special NPCs will provide information or further the player’s progress. While enemies, aim to take out the player. These three major focal points is what helps bring CodeName AllNight to life.


As always, thank you for reading the Dev-log for CodeName AllNight. We hope you tune back in for later posts and more exclusive insights to the development, and world of CodeName AllNight. In the meantime make sure to check out the social media accounts for more content and coverage on AllNight. Once again, thank you for the support it is deeply appreciated.


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