Dev-Log #2

Welcome Back!

Today’s dev-log talks about phase 2 and what’s in store for Codename Allnight as it gets closer to completion. Firstly, phase 2 as it sounds is the second stage in Codename Allnight’s development. In total there will be 3 phases. The first phase was about concepting, integrating all game-play elements, and adding the story-line to the game. During bug testing I felt the game still had a ways to go before it was ready for release. One of the main problems is that all of the game-play elements within Allnight should smoothly fit together. That wasn’t evident when testing initially. Leading to the creation of what I call a 3 phase process.

Phase 2 Part 1

cropped-promo-pic-1-draft-2-copy.pngPhase 2 has two parts to it, the first part is making every game element effectively communicate with one another and be just as strong if accessed independently. For example, base building is a huge focal point of the game. However, the bases or “Set-ups” should be easy enough to build for the game being a run-n-gun platformer. In addition, it should also be extensive enough to where the player can have an entire game session and solely base build. This should be true for all elements of the game.

Phase 2 Part 2

The second purpose to Phase 2 is the theme should be clearly shown. The theme or setting for Codename Allnight is, a North America affected by a history twisted mix of events that firstly, added a new invasive species that tore society apart. The introduction to the species divided society’s inhabitants into different factions that, had different ways of coping with the effects of the history known to what is known as the Neo Colonies. As part of Phase 2 more details, Npc’s, and game-play is being added to support creating this setting.

In closing

Phase 2 will mainly be about balancing and fine tuning features already in-game. There will be a few new game-play elements added during the phase. They will be talked about in future posts. Thank you for reading and supporting the development of Codename Allnight, please stay tuned for more information about the game’s development.


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